Frequently Asked Questions

What is Video4sure?

Video4sure is a FREE and download free, video and voice chat application without ads, login or registration. You can use it to make local or international video calls from you PC, Mac, Tablet and Mobile phone. It is a highly secure service that doesn't register your personal information, your data or your conversations.

The application is currently in its beta version, but will release some terrific features shortly. For example, in addition to the Web app, video4sure will be available on Android and iOS, so you will be able to enjoy free high-quality video calls on your browser, as well as on your mobile phone.

Who is Video4sure for?

Video4sure is for people who care about their privacy and want an easy way to video call their loved ones for free. It is also for people who want to create or participate to a webinars or professional interviews/meetings (via group video conference).

Actually, this is a video call service for everyone who wants to communicate in a fast, easy and secure way.

What makes Video4sure different from other video or audio call applications?

  • Video4sure is always TOTALY free, which means that you don't have to pay anything AND you don't have to watch annoying pubs or ads.
  • Video4sure allows up to 256 users in a single room, which makes your video calls and group meetings awesome.
  • Video4sure doesn't ask for your personal information. You remain an anonymous user, even to us! Unlike most of our competitors, your data will never be used for targeted advertising or any other lucrative or non-lucrative activity.
  • Video4sure is the easiest way to video call someone via internet, because you can be reached directly and you have several ways to invite your interlocutor(s), by sharing a unique invite link via Facebook, Twitter, Email or just a simple copy-paste. Furthermore, you don't have to register, login or create a contact list. Use it as you go!
  • Unlike most of calling applications, the data exchanged on Video4sure does NOT transit through our servers. We serve as a communication medium during communication initialization phase. After that, you are connected to each interlocutor via direct and secure HTTPS connections through the Internet. That way, we are here only to help to reach out to your people and to keep your privacy by avoiding several types of intrusion attacks from third-party attackers.

Who made Video4sure and why? was created by an immigrant family that wanted to communicate with their loved ones overseas. The initial application was created at San Francisco in 2016, to address the need of communicating privately across countries, with people who are not used to use a computer or a mobile phone. By creating, we hope other families and individuals can communicate easily and without hassle.

Will I get charged for anything? If not, how do you make a profit?

Video4sure won't charge you, never, ever, because you already pay your internet bill and we believe that communication should be a basic human need. The Site is totally free and actually relies on a technology that already exists in modern internet browsers. Being a communication establishment medium, means we don't have to maintain server clusters or an army of operations experts in order to keep the service on. The goal is to remove hurdles from communication, not to make money.

What is the mission behind Video4sure?

Video4sure wants be the easiest video call application, while keeping it free. We want our little children to be able to use it to call their grandparents. Since vulnerable people might use our service, we want to offer a secure and private service. This is why Video4sure doesn't allow companies to post ads. Furthermore, Video4sure don't ask for your personal data.

How to invite a friend?

First of all, you don't need to create or import any contact list. When you want to call or video call someone or to start a video group discussion, follow the simple steps below:

  1. Go to We will generate a unique invite link for you and ask your permission to share your microphone and camera stream on the internet (some people don’t even bother to ask!).
  2. Select how you want to invite people to your call (Facebook, Twitter or e-mail). You can also copy the short link and send it to them, using any other method (SMS for instance).
  3. Wait for your invitees to join the private call.

How secure is Video4sure?

To protect your privacy, provides you with private video-call rooms, identified by a Universal Unique IDentifier or (UUID).

A UUID is a pseudo-random number which is statically guaranteed to be unique. This method is based on the principle that the total number of unique keys is so large that the possibility of the same number being generated twice is virtually "zero". Each room created on Video4sure has a unique UUID. Take note that the initial invite link contains much more characters than the link you can see but we shorten it, to make it convenient for you.

Moreover, the communication doesn't transit through intermediate servers. You are in a direct connection with your interlocutor, through secure internet, which makes it very hard for someone to sword or join the conversation.

Also, we don't ask you for any personal information, which means that your identity remains unrevealed.

How do I fullscreen someone?

To fullscreen a participant's video, simply roll your mouse (or tap) on the video frame you want to view in fullscreen mode. The audio/video control buttons will appear and then you can click on the fullscreen icon. To reduce the frame to normal size, double-click again or click the icon.

What is the minimum network speed required for using Video4sure and why my connection is slow when I am in a large group call?

The general rule-of-thumb is: the faster the internet network connection, the better the Video4sure call will be and the more the internet connection is congested, the more your video call quality will suffer.

Since we are using peer to peer connections, each person on the call is sending a video and/or an audio stream to every other person in the call. That is why the amount of bandwidth needed increases as you have more and more people on the call. It is also dependent on the network quality of each person on the call.

Here are some cues to help you get the most of our video calling service:

  1. close every other application or page that might be using a micro or a webcam when you use Video4sure;
  2. make sure that your interlocutors do the same;
  3. in case you are using Video4sure from a browser, use Chrome as your first choice. If not use Firefox or Opeara;
  4. refresh the page;
  5. don't use a browser on iPad or iPhone, because they are not compatible with Video4sure yet (don't worry, we are working on it!). Mac or Android are fine.

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